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Northern Kentucky Bar Foundation Scholarships


A.J. Jolly Scholarship

·       Donated by Bernard & Robert Blau from the proceeds of their annual golf outing.
·       Recipient is the highest grade point average from NKU Chase College of       University of Kentucky and University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and the University of Cincinnati College of Law who have graduated from a Northern Kentucky High School
·       $500 monetary award to each student
·       Application Deadline is September of each year
·       Funding: through the AJ Jolly Golf Outing. Letter received May 2007 that he golf outing would no longer take place. The last proceeds were forwarded at this time.
·       Not presented – check is sent. School usually takes presentation
·       We send a letter to the following: (they send back the recipient’s name)  

o      School Contacts
*     Salmon P. Chase: Registrar, Room 547 Nunn Hall, Highland Heights, KY 41099 p) 859-572-5344
*    U of K: Drusilla Bakert, Associate Dean of Admissions, College of Law, Lexington, KY 40506 p) 859-257-8321
*    U of L: Sam Marcosson, College of Law, Belknay Campus, Louisville, KY 4029 p) 502-852-6369                                             *    University of Cincinnati, Brooke Hiltz, P.O. Box 210040, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

o       Past Recipients

 NKU Salmon P. Chase College of Law:         
1990 John J. Guidugli
1991 May Lee Muehlenkamp
1992 Donna M. Bloemer
1998 Kristie Wichmann Arthur
1999 Ellen M. Hagedon
2000 Margaret M. Maggio
2001 Michael C. Rice
2002 Nickolas Kemphaus
2003 Patrick A. Hartman
2004 Kelly Marie Gindale
2005 Amber Justice
2006 Christopher Cole
2007 Daniel Hunt
2008 Matthew Strange

University of Kentucky College of Law 
1994 J. Reno Deaton
1996 M. Leigh Ann Patton
1998 Stephanie Mary Schroeder
1999 Benjamin G. Dusing
2000 John R. Kirk
2001 Brian F. Eviston
2002 No recipient
2003 No recipient
2004 Ryan J. Reed
2005 Phillip Fairbanks
2006 Joshua Hitch
2007 Noah Wentz
2008  Corey Gamm

University of Louisville College of Law
1995 Margaret A. Warrington
1998 E. J. Hurst
1999 Jennifer L. Schmidt
2000 Dawn L. Gregory
2001 Ryane E. Conroy
2002 No Recipient
2003 No Recipient
2004 Jason Daunt
2005 Steven Wilson
2006 Claire Parsons
2007 Mary Anne Hulefeld
2008 Melissa McHendrix

University of Cincinnati College of Law
2008 Lori Heilman


Henry L. Stephens Scholarship – Environmental Law Award

·       Recipient with the highest grade point average in Class Chase College of Law Environment Award
·       Purchase Book, Engraving and Award of $100
·       Scholarship Provided at the end of the Class
·       Certificate at Chase Awards Program
·       Chase will contact us after the class with the name, certificate and book presented
·       Elaine Schaffer 

Past Recipients
1993 Timothy R. Juenke
1994 Tracey S. Enlaw
1995 Joan S. Dollarhide
1996 Willam E. Clore  
1997 Jacqueline M. Kavelaritch
1998 Virginia M. Baker
1999 Joan M. Gearding
2000 James Adkins & Douglas Mackinnon
2001 Angela Dunaway
2002 No Environmental Law Class
2003 No Environmental Law Class
2004 Shariff Abdrabbo
2005 No Environmental Law Class
2006 No Environmental Law Class
2007 No Environmental Law Class


Minority Bar Exam Scholarship

  • Recipient is a final year minority Law student
  • To aide in bar expenses which may be applied to any/all bar related expenses, including pre-test training and/or additional expenses incurred while taking the bar exam
  • $500 need based award – given to two students totaling $1,000 from both colleges of law.
  • We need to contact Salmon P. Chase College of Law and the University of Cincinnati College of Law and remind them to have students submit application.
  • Recipient chosen by NKBA
  • Choose recipient based on need
  • Presented at the NAACP Lawyers Luncheon
  • Deadline is June 1 of Each Year
  • Award given in June

2003   No Applications
2004   No applications
2005   Colleen Kirkpatrick
2006   Kenyatta Mickels
2007   Harold Cleveland
2008   The NAACP did not have the luncheon


Judge Judy West Scholarship

  • Recipient will be a female Chase student entering her last year of law school
  • Special consideration given to non-traditional students 
  • The recipient must be a Kentucky Resident who has demonstrated high academic achievement and in the eyes of both the foundation and the women lawyer section best exemplifies the attributes of Judge Judy West.
  • Award of $1000 presented at the Judge Judy West Lecture Series 
  • Women Lawyers print and mail the applications to Chase registrar in June. August deadline


Past Recipients:

1992 Sue Cassidy – 1st Award              
1993 Susan Zeller Dunn                        
1994 Teresa Hill                                   
1995 Kathryn Browning Hendrickson      
1996 Melissa Whalen Hollenbach 
1997 Lori Renee Leach                         
1998 Mary E. Rauen                             
1999 Gabrielle A. Summe           
2000 Leona Beth Hardin                        
2001 Margaret M. Maggio           
2002 Catherine E. Howard                    
2003 Pamela Marshall                          
2004 Susanne M. Bookser                    
2005 Carol L. Risk                                
2006 Julie Huffman                               
2007 Kimberley DeGraaf   
2008 Vanessa Purdom                


Lifetime Achievement Award

          The purpose of this award is to recognize a Senior trial attorney who is a member of the NKBA and has distinguished him/herself throughout a lengthy career as not only a good advocate of their client's causes, but also as a good citizen and as a good member of their chosen profession.  The emphasis is based on courtroom accomplishments.  The recipient must be present to receive the award at the NKBA Holiday Dinner Dance.

  Funding: AIG Annuity opened by Dick Lawrence.

 Dick Lawrence, as well as a selected committee of past recipients and the President of the NKBF has decided the recipient.

                    Past Recipients

  • 1995 John “Jay” O’Hara & Philip Taliaferro, III
  • 1996 Frank V. Benton, III & Rodney S. Bryson
  • 1997 G. Wayne Bridges
  • 1998 Mark G. Arnzen
  • 1999 James L. Cobb, Jr.
  • 2000 Robert E. Sanders
  • 2001 E. Andre Busald
  • 2002 Beverly R. Storm & Larry C. West
  • 2003 Gerald F. Dusing and Paul J. Schachter
  • 2004 Richard D. Lawrence & WM. T. “Bill” Robinson
  • 2005 No Seminar- No Recipient
  • 2006 Asa Rouse
  • 2007 No Seminar – No Recipient
  • 2008 Gary Sergent





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