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06/04/2017 - Judge Anthony Frohlich Seeking Local Attorney Biographies

Judge Frohlich is preparing to publish his newest book, Serving the Law. This latest historical work is a sequel to his last book, A Kentucky Court. While his last book focused on the history of Boone County courts, this new book will cover the history of the remainder of Boone County government. In addition to the history, the book currently has over 250 biographies and 175 photographs. In addition to Boone County officials, it also includes the biographies of native Boone County lawyers who went elsewhere to achieve success. The book will also contain biographies of lawyers who support Boone County history. Local history books are not a hot selling item. In the past, the publication of history books was supported by people whose patronage was repaid by having their biographies and genealogy included in the book. This practice has provided a treasure trove of information for later generations. Many contemporary Boone County attorneys are being included in this book already. Judge Frohlich does not want to include some attorneys and not others who wish to be included. Those attorneys who are being published have committed to purchase ten books from Enchanted Valley Publishing Co.: eight hardback cover copies of Timekeeper (Anne Fitzgerald Research Award), one softback cover copy of A Kentucky Court (Kentucky Historical Society Publication Award) and one softback cover of Serving the Law ( expected to be published by end of year) at a cost of $228.43 (tax included). The funds will be used to continue publishing books on Boone County history. The book is scheduled to go graphic design by July 6 and the additions need to be completed before that date. If you have an interest you should contact Julie Jones at no later than June 20.

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